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Joopita Research is a non-profit organisation from Luxembourg, Europe, developing solutions and tools for creative people.

The organisation is the number one creator and developer of educational platforms in Luxembourg.

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Early years: WobbleWolf, Stag Wards & OLEFA

Joopita Research was launched as the WobbleWolf project in 1998 and originally focused on audio, video and print projects. In 2000 the WobbleWolf project released two major products: a 3D animation movie named Stag Wards and a Content Management System (CMS) called OLEFA.

The focus quickly became software, and in 2001 OLEFA was first licensed to local media agency Ka communications. At the same time the OLEFA Educational Concept was released, turning the software into a Wiki-based collaboration platform with an integrated library management system (ILS). The first elementary school website running the software, launched in September 2001, was the most advanced educational website in Luxembourg at the time.

One year later, in September 2002, OLEFA and the OLEFA Education Concept had been licensed to local company EducDesign. OLEFA went on to become the most popular educational platform of the 2000s in Luxembourg, and it is still being used today*.

*) Please note that while we still own the copyrights, we're no longer involved in the derivate that's now being distributed to local schools in Luxembourg. Also note that none of the people currently working at EducDesign had been involved in the original development of OLEFA or the OLEFA Educational Concept.

Reboot: CorneliOS & Galaxiki

In late 2006 the development of an experimental web desktop called CorneliOS started and the WobbleWolf project was renamed to Joopita. CorneliOS was our first free software project released under the GPL and its APIs act as the foundation of ONO today.

Galaxiki, a user editable virtual science fiction galaxy, was launched in mid 2007 and marked our first international success. It was community project of the week in Linux Journal, website of the day on Yahoo,, redOrbit and Pocket-lint, and won 2nd place in the Web 2.0 Awards 2008 (category Games and Entertainment). It was featured in numerous blogs and magazines and it was mentioned on many websites.

In early 2008 we introduced a Content Management System for musicians called the Jamplifier CMS, the predecessor of our current Artist Website Manager on

Around the same time we launched the Joopita Web Directory, which was a very successful project for us with more than 30,000 users submitting about 50,000 websites. It was even ranked among the top 50,000 websites worldwide and among the top 5,000 sites in India on Alexa in 2009. It was shut down in April 2011, after user interest in web directories had been in decline for some time.

Back to school: Joopita Research &

Joopita Research has been officially founded in mid 2010 as a non-profit organisation in Ehlerange, Luxembourg. Around the same time Galaxiki 2.0 was released, featuring the new CIOS framework (built on top of CorneliOS) that should become the core of all of our future projects.

In November 2011 we released our new e-learning platform called, targeted at the local educational market in Luxembourg. The platform offers greatly improved versions of the prominent tools found in our previous OLEFA software (including a powerful wiki / web publishing tool, an integrated library management system and a CMS / website builder), plus social networking features, customisable web based e-learning apps as well as an LMS (Learning Management System) built around a virtual classroom environment.

After a 2-year beta testing phase the final version had been published in November 2013. Today the platform has become a highly respected educational tool in Luxembourg and after only a few years it has now become just as popular as the older OLEFA platform we developed about 15 years earlier, with more than 11,000 registered users and over 140,000 worksheets created.

Today: Morzino, Joopita & ONO

On April 1st 2016 we released BETA versions of, (the international version of our successful e-learning platform) as well as the new platform. now allows students, teachers and parents from all over the world to use our educational technologies. now offers some of our technology as "Software As A Service" (SaaS), including our popular Website Builder (CMS) and Library Management (ILS) tools.

At the same time we announced ONO, our upcoming software platform that will become the official successor of our successful OLEFA, CorneliOS and CIOS projects. Further information shall become available at a later point of time.

In September 2016 the Ministry Of Education in Luxembourg launched their platform, a customized version of the Morzino/ project we developed for the Luxembourg government. The new platform is now offering e-learning, learning management and website development tools to more than 50,000 students and teachers in Luxembourg.

Joopita Research ASBL
The Joopita Research logo depicts Jupiter, the 5th and largest planet in our solar system.


Our goal is to create products that are very easy to use and don't require any training or support.

Most of our projects feature online help pages, discussion forums and offer community powered help and support.

If you still have questions or if you're experience problems you can't solve then don't hesitate to contact us.

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