Morzino e-Learning Platform

e-Learning Tools, Virtual Classrooms (LMS), Picture Dictionary & Publishing Tools

Morzino is offering innovative e-Learning, Learning Management System (LMS) and Online Publishing tools to students, parents, teachers, and schools.
Joopita Research is the leading creator of educational solutions and platforms in Luxembourg, Europe.


Practice online or print worksheets using our free e-learning web apps. Customisable and optimised for differentiated instruction.

Virtual ClassroomLMS

Turn your classroom into a digitial workspace. Define learning targets, create work plans, track progress, evaluate and optimise.


Create and publish your own texts, documents, web projects, courses, tutorials and e-books. Run your own school or classroom website.

Free e-Learning Web Apps

Learn online with instant feedback,
or print customized worksheets including corrections

Games & Fun

Virtual Classroom • Learning Managament System

A complete suite of online tools for your classroom

Creative Tools

Communication & feedback
Collaborative writing
Text production and management
Document Management System (DMS)
Web Publisher
School, classroom & project websites

Learning Management

Assignment management
Work plan management
Define learning targets
Online portfolios
Learn online, print worksheets


Todo lists & checklists
Define learning targets
Branches, schedules & moreā€¦
Info, help & support

Create & Publish

All online, all instant, all free

Wiki Tools

All of our tools are wiki based, which means that all changes can be done online and that they become visible instantly.

Web Publisher

Publish your own projects, courses, e-books, web books, online comics, photo albums and much more.


Build your own school or classroom website(s). You can make all changes on your own, and it's completely FREE.