Make better music and be successful with it. Learn how to write and record music on a completely new level and how to promote and distribute it worldwide.


All you need to know to become successful with your music. Get started, write hits, record a killer album, understand the industry and market your music.


Empowering artists: the project manager, the lyrics writer, the virtual producer and the artist website manager will greatly help you on your way to success.

All you need to become a successful musician has been created to help artists to become successful on their own, by making better music.
The site offers all the information and all the tools you'll need to make it on your own.

The Jamplifier's Manual:
How to become a Rockstar in the 21st century

The incredible manual that teaches you how to become a successful artist on your own, by making better music.

  1. Introduction
  2. Music Industry Madness
    understand why the music business is failing
  3. Masters Of The Past
    learn to appreciate the greatest artists of all time
  4. Start Me Up
    define your own unique style
  5. Songwriting
    write great songs with hit potential
  6. Production
    record a killer album
  7. Video
    produce a great video
  8. Distribution
    distribute your music on your own
  9. Promotion
    market and promote your art
  10. Fame & Cash
    how to make money with your own music


A collection of web applications that will help you to organize and to improve your music.
Project Manager
Lyrics Writer
Virtual Producer
Artist Website Manager
the Manifesto
the Manual
the Database