Hello ONO

ONO is our software strategy for the future, derived from our successful OLEFA, CorneliOS, and CIOS projects. Being a single software strategy, it replaces all of our previous projects and tools.

ONO will reuse the basic structure, logic, toolset, and application suites of our previous solutions, while taking everything to a completely new level.

Further information will become available on January 9, 2018.
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Web Frontend


Content Management System (CMS)
User Management
Database Management System (DBMS)
Network & Fileserver Management

User Workspace

Profile & Account Management
Community & Social Network
Wiki Publisher
Online Tools

Backend, Framework, API & OS

SaaS Logic

OLEFA XR compliance

Platform Framework

 CIOS 7 compatible 

Software API

 CorneliOS 7 compatible 

LAMP Operating System

(Linux • Apache • MySQL • Perl)


What's the current status of the project?

The current ONO implementation is currently still an early BETA version, although we are already using it internally.

When will ONO be released?

ONO will become available in 2021 at the earliest.

What are the hardware and software requirements?

ONO will run on Intel/AMD x86 platforms, and it may also run on other platforms such as ARM, Power or SPARC for example. ONO will run on both Linux and macOS operating systems, while Linux will be the recommended OS.

Will ONO be fully compatible with previous CorneliOS and CIOS implementations?

100% compatibility to our current CorneliOS and CIOS API implementations will be guaranteed, although the previous CorneliOS GUI and applications will not be supported as they will be replaced by new tools.

Will ONO be fully compatible with previous OLEFA implementations?

It is our goal to achieve full OLEFA XR spec compliance, but no binary or data compatibility with previous OLEFA iterations – which means that current users of the original OLEFA software developed in 2000/2001 will NOT be able to migrate their data to the new architecture.

Will I be able to migrate my existing data?

ONO can be installed on existing CorneliOS/CIOS systems, all data will be taken over automatically, no manual changes will be required. Data from current OLEFA installations cannot be automatically imported.


ONO is our software strategy for the future, derived from our successful OLEFA, CorneliOS and CIOS projects.


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