OLEFA Education CMS


OLEFA is an Information Management System (IMS) we created in 2000 and 2001. It was officially launched on January 9, 2001.

It includes a user management, a content management system (CMS), a database management system (DBMS) as well as a publishing platform optimized for the education market.

In mid 2001 we published the OLEFA Education Manifesto, which described how OLEFA can be used in educational environments, powering school websites and offering online publishing and library management features.

Distributed by local company EducDesign, OLEFA became the leader in Luxembourg's education in the 2000s – it's still in use and based on our OLEFA Education Manifesto, although we're no longer involved in the development of the version currently used by local educational institutions.

In 2005 we developed the OLEFA NG concept which evolved into our CorneliOS project, followed by the OLEFA XR concept in 2010 which evolved into our oli.lu/Morzino platform.

On April 1st 2016 we announced ONO, which will be OLEFA's official successor, although it will not be binary or data compatible with the original OLEFA developed in 2000/2001.

ONO implements all previous OLEFA NG/XR concepts and includes all CorneliOS and CIOS APIs.

Visit the official ONO page:


More information about the original OLEFA (2000/2001) is available here:

http://lb.wikipedia.org/wiki/OLEFA (luxembourgish Wikipedia)

Updated versions of the original OLEFA software are available from EducDesign: