OLEFA Education CMS

OLEFA - a School Website CMS, once popular in Luxembourg

OLEFA is an Information Management System (IMS) we created in 2000 and 2001. It was officially launched on January 9, 2001, after a rather short development phase in 2000.

It includes a user management, a content management system (CMS), a database management system (DBMS) as well as publishing tools optimized for the education market.

Success in Luxembourg's education market

In mid 2001 we published the OLEFA Education Manifesto, which described how the tools can be used in educational environments, powering school websites and offering online publishing and library management features. With Roeserschool, we launched Luxembourg's first school website running the software around the same time, and it became an instant success.

OLEFA by EducDesign*, leadership in education in the 2000s

After the project had proven itself as an educational platform, it was licensed to local company EducDesign* in Luxembourg in late 2002, and it became the leader in Luxembourg's education in the 2000s. It's still in use and based on our Education Manifesto, although we're no longer involved in the development of the version currently used by local educational institutions.

Please note that we are no longer involved in the software development, and that we are not responsible for current or recent implementations!

The official successor of OLEFA is Oli.lu, a free e-Learning platform that is now offering many of the software's core features for free, plus a whole lot of new tools and features.

The road from a hybrid CMS to the Oli.lu & Morzino platform

In 2008 it became clear that the OLEFA project would not evolve as planned, and that the software risked to become outdated and obsolete at a certain point of time if the development of new ideas, concepts and solutions would not be accelerated.

This is why we soon started work on a successor of the original software, a free platform that would take the original concepts to an entirely new level.

The new platform, named Oli.lu, was launched in 2011, and quickly became the new leader in innovation in Luxembourg's educational market. Soon after, an international version named Morzino was launched.

The Oli.lu / Morzino project is based on ONO, our next generation software project.

OLEFA and Oli in Luxembourg's Education

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*) EducDesign is a name owned by company EducDesign from Dudelange, Luxemburg